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About the Blogger


Hello! Candace here and as you may have noticed, I like to travel. It’s not unusual for friends and family to greet me with the question, “so, where are you traveling next?”. I just can’t help myself. I always have my next trip in the works, the one after that, and usually the one after that, too.

I'm from Cleveland, Ohio and I've been lucky to find a second home in Calgary, Canada where I work as a UX designer while navigating the ins and outs of expat life.

Discovering new-to-me places, making new friends, and scoping out the good stuff - food, music, libations, art, nature - it’s always an adventure. I try to make the most out of every trip, while finding the right balance between making a plan and forgetting the plan when serendipity comes along. I hope my blog will inspire you to do the same.

So, where are you traveling next?

~ Candace

Candace Klunzinger, Travel Blogger
Candace Klunzinger, Travel Blogger from Cleveland, Ohio

About the Blog


The more I travel, the more it motivates me. By exposing us to unfamiliar customs and new ways of thinking, travel inevitably challenges us in unexpected ways. I believe travel makes us better at life.

Of course, it's also fantastically fun (most of the time). Sure, there are bound to be mistakes, miscommunications, and learning things the hard way. Since I’ve already experienced a lot of that, I have plenty of tips and resources to help you plan your next trip. Plus my favorite photos along with true tales of adventure (and misadventure).

Solo travel, group travel, journeys with friends, old and new - I’ve done it all and I’d love to share my stories with you.

Good things come to those who wan
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